Discount Mountain Bikes

discount mountain bikesMountain bikes are bikes which are made for cycling different terrains and are mainly used for off road purposes. These off road purposes include jumping, rock traversing, declining on steep paths and other dirt trails.

The number of people who are riding a mountain bike is constantly increasing with international recognition to this activity. There are many mountain races and tournaments which involve mountain bikes too. For all those interested in mountain biking, getting discount mountain bikes has been the problem. These mountain bikes are expensive that people are in the search of discounted offers for purchasing a discount mountain bike. Read the rest of this entry

Mountain Bike Shops

mountain bike shopGood mountain bike shops are always sough after with the increase in the purchase of mountain bikes and the increase in the number of mountain bikers as well. If you are the owner of a hard tail mountain bike then you might not need significant maintenance or the services of a mountain bike shop but full suspension bikes always require maintenance and if you own one then take enough efforts to find the best mountain bike shops in your area.

These shops are not only important for those who are interested in service or replacement but also are important for those who are interested in purchasing mountain bikes. Read the rest of this entry


Micargi Super M90 Mountain Bike

Wheel Size: 26 inches
Mountain Bike Style: Will Suit Both Man & Woman

The 18-speed full suspension mountain bike, with long shaft, will provide protection to rider and bicycle during the ride. The full suspension forks will improve traction of the wheel on uneven surface and will make your ride an enjoyable adventure. A-head design handlebar & stem will make your sitting position at perfect angle. Unique sleek design and strong frame make it perfect choice for you. Read the rest of this entry


The designs for mountain bikes can be classified in three categories based on suspension:

1. Hardtail - A frame with no rear suspension, often containing a front suspension fork.

2. Fully rigid - This is a sub type of hardtail, with a rigid fork.

3. Dual or full suspension - These bikes offer a front suspension fork and a rear suspension thatare integrated into the frame.

4. Soft tail - Offers a frame with a small amount of rear suspension, normally less than a full suspension frame. Read the rest of this entry


bikefitnessIf you are into staying fit then the opportunity to use mountain bikes abounds. The serious physical fitness enthusiast needs look no further than a mountain bike for some serious heart pumping action. Cardio vascular activity is sustained easily on a Bicycle and has a built in dual purpose of being able to be used for transport as well. In fact, now more than ever before, especially with the sudden petrol price increases across the globe, cycling is enjoying an increase in popularity. Thanks to the readily available and expanded retail market one can now buy a really good 20 speed bike for almost any purpose, be it on or off road. It is notable also that the ability to afford a mountain bike has increased vastly in recent times with the deregulation of imports in certain countries Read the rest of this entry

Gary Fisher

garyfisherphotoThe success of Gary Fisher is an interesting one. His role in the bike industry has changed dramatically throughout the years. His start in the business as a designer and manufacturer of the bikes has been a worldwide innovation to the way bikers ride and view the products.

The world of bike races had crazy and bizarre rules for competitions racing bikes. He was suspended from competition in 1968. Why? This will sound crazy but so true, his hair was too long. Four years of not being able to compete, the rule of long hair was over turned. Read the rest of this entry

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