Mountain bikes are off road bikes which are to be driven on rough terrains and uneven surfaces. These bikes need to be designed and engineered in such a way so that they can withstand various shocks and stresses which the bike encounters on such surfaces. Front and rear wheel suspension bikes have become norm of the day since they provide better shock bearing capability and easier handling on mountain terrains. Wider tyres are also provided so that proper bike surface contact is there. Mountain bikes are not only used for general trekking purposes but also for racing purposes on mountains and other rough terrains.

With its headquarters in Connecticut, USA Cannondale bicycling Corporation is amongst the leading bicycle manufacturers in America. The company produces a vide range of bicycles which include mountain bikes, urban bikes, road bikes, recreation bikes and others. They also have their plant (manufacturing and assembly) in Taiwan. Cannondale mountain bikes are considered amongst the best in their class. They are highly popular and cater to various needs of the customer. What sets these bikes apart from the rest of the mountain bikes is their unique and innovative design along with the quality of the bike. A good quality bike no matter what the price is always is in demand. The customer feedback regarding the Cannondale mountain bikes is always positive and there are very few instances wherein the negative points of the bike are pointed out. If the design and the construction of the bikes are studied it can very well be understood why the complaints are few. Cannondale mountain bikes have a superior design in terms of their structure and suspension. Although some of the bikes have some amount of technical and handling problems which might lead the bike to wander these problems are easily handled by a trained rider. So, it might be said that they are not ideal for beginners.

The biggest strength of these bikes which make them popular in the market is the variety in which they are available. The mountain athlete and a casual rider both have ample variety to choose from. This provides the company with a larger customer base as they can provide goods to suit the various needs. In mountain bikes the company provides with the variety of soft tail (full suspension) and hard tail. Soft tail has bikes available for cross country, free riding, downhill, all mountain riding whereas in hard tail all terrain, dirt jumping and other such varieties are available.

The cost of the mountain bike varies with the bike that a person is purchasing since a simpler bike will have less cost while a bike suitable for rugged and tougher terrain will have more cost. Though many times it might be felt that the cost of Cannondale mountain bike is more than that of others that are available, the quality that the company provides might be difficult to get else where. The customer before going for the purchase must ensure that the usage and purpose of the bike is quite clear so that money is not wasted in buying a complex bike when a simpler one could have satisfied the purpose.

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