Mountain bike pedals are a common purchase for cycling enthusiasts. They are a great upgrade component because they are relatively inexpensive yet add a lot of improvement to your ride. There are three main types of bike pedals which are clipless, platform and cage (also known as toeclip pedals). The type you choose will depend on your riding preferences. This page will focus on clipless bike pedals and provide a list of clipless pedals available to purchase on the internet at low prices.

Clipless bike pedals are the most suitable for the average XC and trail rider because they provide a good control and help you utilize all of your leg muscles. They hold your foot on the pedal even through tough terrain and enable you to pedal more efficiently. These are premium bike pedals and are usually only found on higher range bikes, however anyone can buy them and fit them onto their own bike as most of them are inexpensive.

If you are looking for a bike pedal which can increase your performance, clipless pedals are for you. They are capable of holding your foot in place releasing it whenever you need it. A decent pair of pedals will cost between $20 - $50.

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