bikefitnessIf you are into staying fit then the opportunity to use mountain bikes abounds. The serious physical fitness enthusiast needs look no further than a mountain bike for some serious heart pumping action. Cardio vascular activity is sustained easily on a Bicycle and has a built in dual purpose of being able to be used for transport as well. In fact, now more than ever before, especially with the sudden petrol price increases across the globe, cycling is enjoying an increase in popularity. Thanks to the readily available and expanded retail market one can now buy a really good 20 speed bike for almost any purpose, be it on or off road. It is notable also that the ability to afford a mountain bike has increased vastly in recent times with the deregulation of imports in certain countries

Information on specifications, parts, adjust ability and the like should always be investigated thoroughly, however, before jumping into a purchase decision. Prices, based on specifications can vary widely. Some of the things to be aware of are as follows: Shock absorbers, gear controls and ease of use, seat height adjust-ability, handle bar ease of adjustment, does it have a side stand and do you want one? What sought of tire pressures do you need to have. What type of riding are you looking at and what type of tires will suit that best? What sought of money is it going to cost you and how long will it last. Beware of purchasing very low priced ones. Usually, and in particular to this niche, you get what you pay for and cheaper are usually nastier

Once you have made your decision to purchase, and then got your new bike home, other things will need to be considered. Items such as a safety helmet, a high quality locking device and a high vision lighting set are all things you will need if you are going to be safe and be seen. One thing to be mentioned here is this fact that of all people who fall off bikes over 50% end up with at least a minor injury. Some unlucky people end up seriously injured. This, however, is likened to horses. If you cannot stand to fall off then don't get on in the first place. Just be brave and pray it doesn't happen to you. If you keep your wits about you and don't go challenging the environment too much then you could end up having many years of accident free riding.

Of course there is no such thing as a "free ride". Mountain bikes, just like all other mechanical devices, need to be maintained regularly. This is the 'price' you must be willing to pay if you intend to have years of trouble free use. There is probably nothing more frustrating than being stuck miles from home on a mountain trail, having to walk your bike home because you neglected to keep the chain well adjusted and oiled and it broke, or was thrown off the sprockets because it was lose. Therefore, as with all things, if you look after it you shall be rewarded with trouble free ownership. Now, the one thing I neglected to mention was the need for luggage. Even a light back pack is adequate. Be sure to pack food and drink if planning to bike for more than a half hour or so. Don't under estimate just how quickly the human body dehydrates and needs replenishing. I'm not talking here about packing an all out meal, but at the very least, stash some muesli energy bars and a water bottle with you before leaving home.