Suspension is one of the most important factors that decide the performance of any vehicle and are more important in the case of a mountain bike. Full suspension bikes are dominating the mountain biking industry and every company that manufactures bicycles inevitably go on to make full suspension bikes as well. There are number of factors which a person should consider before purchasing a mountain bike.  The type of  bike is one of these considerations and may be the most important factor as well.

In general, mountain bikes can be classified into two types and they are hard tail bikes and full suspension bikes. As you probably already know, the name of a bike defines it's qualities - a hard tail bike comes with a hard tail and a full suspension bikes comes with great front and rear suspension. However, this is just the beginning of the differences as they differ in a number of other characteristics also.

Full Suspension Bikes Vs. The Others

It can be argued that full suspension bikes have an upper hand over other mountain bikes. They are more comfortable and easy to ride on any terrain. Though hard tail bikes are great on plain terrain and do not require much maintenance, they do not score highly in terms of comfort and other mountain biking factors. There are many bikers who still make use of hard tail bikes mainly because full suspension bikes are comparatively heavier. But with better design and a number of minor enhancements, these bikes can be made completely light weight. Unfortunately such advantages makes them relatively costlier than their hard tail counterparts.

There are many options a person has to consider while purchasing a full suspension bike so it is important to conduct your research thoroughly. I would recommend to go for the bike which is simple in design and requires low maintenance as you can’t spend all your time maintaining a bike and spare parts can get expensive. Full suspension bikes are getting better and better every day with a number of improvements in their design. A very good model comes around every 6 months to a year in one of the manufacturers. So do not miss out the latest model as you might like it more than your current selection. Though this may put you on an endless chase, it is better to go for the best.

Make sure the weight of the bike and its cost is comfortable with you. Include the maintenance costs as well if you choose to go with a used mountain bike.

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