garyfisherphotoThe success of Gary Fisher is an interesting one. His role in the bike industry has changed dramatically throughout the years. His start in the business as a designer and manufacturer of the bikes has been a worldwide innovation to the way bikers ride and view the products.

The world of bike races had crazy and bizarre rules for competitions racing bikes. He was suspended from competition in 1968. Why? This will sound crazy but so true, his hair was too long. Four years of not being able to compete, the rule of long hair was over turned.

The world of biking would never be the same again. Gary Fisher wanted a mountain bike to be for the entire family and all terrain. His innovations to the world of bikes didn't stop him from competing in competitions.
His love for the sport brought him to a new adventure in his life, designing and producing bikes. Before he made it big into the production atmosphere, he re-invented salvaged bikes into newer bikes. He sold these bikes to whoever had cash to purchase them. This was just the beginning to his success in production.
The year of 1979 changed Gary Fisher's life forever. Gary and Charlie Kelly named a new company, "Mountain Bikes." One hundred and sixty bikes were produced and sold. During the time of production of his products, Gary continued to compete and win several different races.

The '80's were the hit of the century introducing new mountain bikes to all bike riders. New designs were created for those who enjoyed all terrain bike rides. Bikes have been altered to create new and exciting adventures for bike riders to experience.

The love of the sport has given Gary Fisher a better insight to bikes and those who ride bikes. Fisher wanted racers to compete in the toughest terrains possible. The bikes designed and produced by Fisher and his company were not just for going downhill but his bikes were able to bike trail back up hill as well.

These new innovations to the production of bikes were the success of bikes. His expertise for the competitions and available terrains were the designs and creations needed to produce bikes for everyone to experience.

Gary Fisher's production of bikes were the beginning of a new world found adventures. The world of bikes would never be the same. Gary Fisher, the legend of bikes had begun a new exciting trend.

At first his company wasn't taking off like it should. In the beginning years of the 1990's, his company was sold to a Taiwan company. It proved to be a wrong choice for Gary Fisher and his company. But maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. Two years of struggling to make it a float with the company from Taiwan. Trek; a world known company for manufacturing bikes.

Trek brought the struggling company back up a float. The once struggling company was now backing in business. Gary could be known for being the "father of mountain bikes." His expertise has brought a new design and product for all bike lovers to enjoy. Don't believe me; give gary fisher bikes a try yourself.