The demand for mountain bikes is increasing day by day in the market. The increase in number of people taking up mountain biking both for leisure and as a sport can be fixed as the prime reason for the same. Mountain biking is not only a good method to spend some free time but also keeps an individual physically fit (if he does not has an accident while biking). Considering the terrains where the biking is done and the people that indulge in such an activity, the bikes have seen a rapid development over the years. The increasing competition coupled with increasing demand has caused this change. While earlier the bike could have been a basic one, these days mountain bikes have in themselves opened whole new chapter.

Mountain bikes can be specified differently based on different specifications. If suspension is taken as a basis for classification, mountain bikes can be specified into four categories, fully rigid mountain bikes, hardtail mountain bikes, soft tail mountain bikes and full suspension mountain bikes. Considering that the suspension of a bike plays an important role in its performance on rugged terrains, it becomes a critical aspect for a mountain bike.

Hardtail mountain bikes consist of a frame having a front suspension fork while the rear suspension fork is missing. The advantage that the hardtail mountain bikes provide with their features is that they are light, durable for various conditions and they also provide with good handling. These bikes have a high pedal efficiency when driven on smooth terrains and if compared to full suspension mountain bikes (which have both front and rear suspension) they are lighter, less costly and demand less maintenance. But they lack somewhere in the control and comfort part as compared to the full suspension bikes. This means that one thing or the other has to be compromised while making the purchase. But still hardtail bikes are considered highly suitable for off-road trails and single tracks. Their low cost and maintenance also attracts first time customers. The dirt jumping crowd and the cross country racers prefer the bike over others.

With mountain biking no longer being a single gender activity, hardtail bikes for women are also available in the market. Generally these bikes are designed with frame size keeping in mind the weight and height of an average woman but now companies have started delivering bikes of different frame sizes which are suitable for people of different heights. Carbon fibre, steel, aluminium and titanium are the materials which are employed for making the frames. All these frame materials are acceptable and give good performance.

Although the features of other bikes do give a very stiff competition to hardtail mountain bikes but its features and low cost are the reasons why it has been still available to survive in the market all these years. While going for the purchase, the customer should ensure what his requirements and the budget are. Extra money will give a better bike but if the requirement is not there the money shall be waste.

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