haro mountain bikeIf mountain bike riding has recently caught your fancy and you are looking to quench your thirst for adventure with a bike trail, you need to get hold of the best mountain bike. Haro mountain bikes are a smart choice for your date with the terrains.

The bikes at Haro are designed for people who like to ride off the beaten track, for those who like to live life on the fast track and will stop at nothing to feel the adrenalin pump. Not every bike is capable of riding rocky roads, but with a Haro mountain bike you will see that the experience is incomparable.

When you go with Haro you can be assured of quality; they have been in the business of bikes for over three decades and continue to break records with an exceptional range of bikes. The range of bikes from Haro covers bikes for four types of mountain terrains: Free ride, cross country, down hill and all terrain. Not every company has the specialties needed to create a bike for all terrains. And that’s why you need to go in for a Haro mountain bike.

There are a number of features that make the Haro mountain bike far superior than other terrain bikes available in the market.


Broad bumpy tires assure control when the terrain changes unannounced and serve as great shock absorbents when driving on rocky terrains. They offer excellent grip when climbing and irrespective of how steep the climb is one need not be worried about slipping or sliding.


Mountain bikes need to be light weight. Their frames need to be built to ensure comfort in navigation. And Haro mountain bikes come equipped with just that. Light weight frames ensure the rider has perfect control when tackling harsh terrains. Light frames assist in loading and unloading the bikes easily and also taking turns becomes swifter.

Virtual link suspension

The top line range of the Haro bike boasts of superior performance given the inclusion of a virtual link suspension. The virtual link suspension ensures that 60% of the rider’s weight is over the rear wheel. The link also eliminates chain stretch and pedal bob. The link ensures that one has better control over turns, while climbing and ease in breaking when going downhill. With the link firmly in place you may not even realize when you ride over rocks, logs, bumps and roots along the way.

Long Life

The mountain bike is known for its longevity. Their sturdy built ensures that they are capable of handling the toughest of terrains for many, many years.

It doesn’t mater if you are just a beginner or if you are a veteran when it comes to mountain biking. With a Haro bike every ride you take will be smooth, safe and comfortable. If you do indeed want to explore the wild, make sure you do it on Haro mountain bikes for with them you are never truly alone. Check out a bike that suits you and make it a part of your life for a long, long time.

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