Mountain bike saddles or cycling seats are very important for the comfort of your cycling experience. Surprinsly, the shape and construction material of your saddle canĀ  make a major difference to your ride and performance. In general, mountain bike seats come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, three of the main types are:

Hard-Nosed Seats

The commonest saddle design is a solid teardrop-shaped seat. These saddles frequently feature big rear-base areas for rear bone support and moderate padding. Some designs are formed to maximize circulation by providing channels in the padding. The success and satisfaction of these designs is essentially decided by rider physiology. Excessively padded seats shouldn't be used for significant riding, as the padding can bunch and cut off blood flow to the perineum.

Cutout Saddles

Some mountain bike saddle makers have taken the basic teardrop shape and added a hole to the nose. These cutouts try to remove padding from strategic areas that might cut off blood flow, and they also serve to lighten the saddle. Placement of the cutouts varies widely. Women-specific designs have a tendency to have the cutout near to the wider end of the saddle, while men's models have long cutouts toward the nose. Cutout sizes vary, also. Like the hard-nosed saddles, unrestrained padding in cutout designs could cause pain and poor blood circulation.

Minimalist Seats

Many cyclists choose to sacrifice comfort in favor of performance. Such bike riders might select a minimalist saddle design, which includes minimal padding and relies instead only on design to maintain a healthy riding position. These saddles might or might not include a cutout, or they'd incorporate a special design to boost circulation. Riding on a minimalist seat needs coaching to condition your sit bones to the hard surface ; many riders like these saddles to their cushier opposite numbers.

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