mountainbikehelmetWhen you first start out with mountain biking, it can be a bit overwhelming when you walk into a bike store to buy your first mountain bike and see all of the available accessories you'll need when you first start riding. There are several mountain biking accessories and related products that you can purchase. Although the sales staff will try to sell you anything they can, the real question for those on a budget isn't what's cool, but what accessories you need to make your rides more safe and enjoyable.  By starting with these accessories, you'll be just fine when you hit the trails. Read the rest of this entry


specializedmountainbikeSpecialized mountain bikes are the riding enthusiast's dream come true. For too many years, the mountain biking enthusiast has been relegated to second-class status. As few as just a decade ago, if you wanted a truly personal experience with your mountain bike, you had to spend thousands of dollars to have it made by companies from Italy, and Germany. Some of the best bikes in the world were made by these companies, and it seemed as though companies based in the United States were always running a few years behind in style and technology. Thanks to Specialized Montain Bikes, however, this trend is officially over! Read the rest of this entry

Freeride Mountain Biking

Buyer’s Guide

mountainbike2For the first time buyer, the choice of a mountain bike might be daunting. Mountain bikes are not your everyday bikes and are especially designed for cycling on difficult terrain. You can use these types of bikes to navigate hilly areas, steep declines, rocky mountain and any other sort of unpaved road. Here are a few important things you should know about mountain bikes.

- Mountain bikes are very different from regular use cycles and racing cycles. They are built to withstand the jerks and pressure of use on uneven terrain. You should ensure that the model you are looking at is a genuine mountain bike. If you use regular bikes on hilly terrain the results could be disastrous.

- You can also choose your bike according to the type of terrain it is best suited for. Varieties like the cross country bike have little suspension and a light frame. All-mountain bikes are generally heavier and feature more suspension. You could also choose from free ride or down hill bikes that differ from each other in terms of weight and strength. Both types are basically used for racing on inclines.

- You will have to check the frame of your mountain bike to ascertain its critical angles. The critical angles of the bike include the angle of its head tube and the seat tube. These are to be measured as the distance from the horizontal axis. The angles make a lot of difference to the rider's position on the bike and the bike's characteristics. As a rule of thumb, steeper angles are helpful for pedaling uphill and better handling. Angles tending towards zero give higher speed and more stability on downhill courses.

- You will have to check the type of suspension on your mountain bike. This could be fully rigid, hard - tail, soft-tail or dual suspension. The suspension essentially protects the bike and the rider from the shocks of a rough terrain. This is one of the most important parts of the bike. There are many new variants in the mountain bike market offering buyers different types of suspension, but most hard-core bikers routinely prefer a hard-tail frame.

- The final check on your mountain bike should be its brakes. They may be standard V-brakes or the newer disc brakes. Disc brakes are generally preferred over older versions because they give the rider more power under a variety of conditions. Disc brakes are also easier to maintain and last longer than conventional brakes.

Mountain Biking

mountainbikeMountain biking is a great way to explore the outdoors, stay in shape, or just have fun. Racing down the side of a mountain is a lot of fun indeed, although it can also be quite dangerous. Even though it's dangerous, if you ride with caution, it can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Styles of mountain biking

Mountain biking can best be characterized into three different styles - downhill, free riding, and cross country. Even though the different styles are similar in some ways, they still require different skills. The style that you pick will determine the type of bike you get. Read the rest of this entry

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