Hobbies that are pursued by individuals have seen a change over a period of time. The interest has moved on to adventurous and those activities in which an individual finds some sense of thrill. The desire to challenge the limits of life can be attributed as a reason for a surge in such activities. Trekking or trek is one such activity that has been taken up by many people irrespective of their economic status or social status. Trekking though generally associated with mountain can also be attributed to any other activity also.

While trekking on mountains can be done on foot also, using mountain bikes for the trek only adds to the fun. Trek mountain bikes are not only used for recreation but are also used in sports and races. The thrill of riding a mountain bike and riding over the rough and uneven terrains can not be experienced anywhere else. The risk factor on the mountains adds to the experience.

Trek mountain bikes have been able to create a brand for themselves in the ever expanding market. The company has been successful in creating a brand image by fulfilling the customer’s needs and giving what the customer expects. Considering the rough terrain these mountain bikes are to be used in, Trek mountain bikes are designed and built to perform and stand good in any conditions what so ever. The company keeps in mind the requirements of all the users and therefore has its product range for all categories of mountain bikers, from beginners to experts, from children to adults. The solid body and the design of the bikes coupled with support staff and the people who are involved in the manufacturing of the bikes are the factors which give Trek mountain bikes an edge over the others. The support staff guides quite well regarding which bike and accessories to buy and are always there if any problem occurs. The after sales service provides a lot of comfort to the buyer. The website of the company can very well give the details regarding any bike someone is planning to purchase. An extended warranty plan known as the Trek Red Shield protection plan gives coverage to the bike in case of any damage that might occur to the bike which many times is very useful.

The variety that is available in these mountain bikes is huge and any interested buyer can check out what are the options available according to the need and then decide. Trek offers bikes for every purpose so that no customer feels dissatisfied with the purchase. The information regarding the variety can be obtained through their website and much detailed by individually going to their shops.

Trek mountain bikes with their brand name are generally the first choice for any buyer. This helps it to maintain a good market share. They also sell bike accessories which enables them to give a comprehensive package to the customer thereby providing an answer to all their needs. With their initiatives to make bike riding experience better they have gained in reputation among the people in general.

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